Virtual Patient Group

The practice has an active patient participation group (PPG). This consists of a group of patients and practice staff who meet regularly. We have found over the years that there are patients who would like to have a say on the development of the practice however for various reasons are unable to physically attend. We have therefore put together a virtual PPG where comments and suggestions can be made via e-mail on our Patient Comments section of the website. This means more patients can be ‘virtual’ members of the group. If you would like to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to help us to shape and improve services and the overall patient experience, please complete the form and we will take you views forward to the next meeting.

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Practice has a Group that was formed in April 2009.  The main functions of the Group are:

  • To consult and plan with patients wherever possible on the facilities and provision of services

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest

  • To allow patients to make positive suggestions about the Practice and their own healthcare

  • To develop self-help projects to meet the needs of fellow patients

  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and social care

New members are always welcome. 

The Patient Participation Group has its own notice board in the waiting room, together with a dedicated box where patients can liaise directly with the Group.  The minutes of the meetings and the next meeting date are published on this same board.

Local Patient Participation Report

Click here to download our Local Patient Participation Report 2014-15.